What We Fund


We support creative, timely research to spark fresh thinking and produce effective, innovative solutions.

Scientific knowledge can support innovation and the implementation of robust solutions to complex conservation challenges. We invest in developing knowledge that could significantly accelerate progress toward the Foundation’s goals.

In addition to our support for the Packard Fellows in Science and Engineering and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), we support scientific assessments, research, and the connection of science and scientific thinking to decision-makers. We invest in:

  • Institutions and networks in support of scientific fields relevant to the Foundation’s conservation goals;
  • Research and science-based innovations that can have an impact on the Foundation’s ocean, climate, and land work;
  • Education and outreach related to the value and integrity of science in decision-making, and the value of scientific research to society.

Our People

How to Get Support

Please note that this strategy is currently in transition. Please reach out using this form with any questions.