Children and Families Initiative

We work to ensure moms, pregnant people, and children have the support they need to be healthy and thrive.

Our Children and Families initiative supports partners who are working to ensure that the health care, child care, and financial supports systems that serve moms, pregnant people, and families with young children are stronger, better connected, and equitable. We focus on reducing racial disparities in outcomes, recognizing that the future we envision – one in which all children and families thrive – is not possible while inequities persist.

The early years of a child’s life set the foundation for a lifetime of health, learning, and well-being. But in the United States, Black, Indigenous, and Latino families face stark disparities in maternal health and child development outcomes. These disparities, driven largely by racial biases in the systems families turn to for support, make it difficult for many families to get the tools and resources they need to ensure a strong, healthy start for their children.

The Children and Families initiative funds nationally, with focused investments in select communities in California, Louisiana, and Mississippi. In California, the initiative is part of our comprehensive approach to building thriving communities in our home state.