Net Zero Energy Commitment

Building toward a healthy more sustainable future

Our Net Zero Energy Building

Our green building was designed with a net zero energy goal of producing at least as much power as it consumes each year. Its technological and structural features come together with a beautiful, functional design to create a workspace that is good for the planet and for our employees. Through its energy, water, and resource-conserving characteristics, the building has achieved Net Zero Energy Building™ and LEED® Platinum certifications.

Net Zero Energy

Offset 100% of the building’s energy needs by:

  • Electricity production via 915 rooftop solar panels
  • Effective use of daylight to supplement artificial lighting
  • Efficient heating and cooling using innovative chilled beam technology

Water Conservation

Reduce water consumption by 40% through:

  • Storing up to 20,000 gallons of rainwater for irrigation and toilet flushing
  • Use living green roof and rooftop gutters to assist with rainwater collection
  • Irrigate only when and where needed using drip irrigation and smart controls

Materials and Waste

Minimize construction waste by:

  • Recycling 95% of materials from pre-existing buildings
  • Using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood from Oregon
  • Crafting all interior doors from locally salvaged eucalyptus trees

Ecosystem Impact

Care for local ecosystems by:

  • Using 90% California native plants in our landscape to eliminate pesticides needed by foreign plants – see our Plant List
  • Plantings provide familiar food and shelter for local birds and insects and attract native pollinators
  • Using rain gardens and permeable paving to reduce runoff and filter pollutants

Work Environment

Provide comfortable, healthful environment for employees by using:

  • 100% outside air for ventilation
  • Paint, flooring, adhesives and other materials that are low in VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions
  • Operable windows located throughout the building, including floor-to-ceiling glass sliders which open to an enclosed courtyard that offers additional seating.