Our Vision: A just and equitable world where people and nature flourish.

Our Mission and Goals

We work with people and communities to create enduring solutions for just societies and a healthy, resilient natural world.

Our three overarching, interdependent goals guide the Foundation’s work to accomplish our mission and vision.

Build just societies

We support a strong civil society and inclusive institutions and governance to build just and equitable societies for all people.

Protect and restore our natural world

We champion bold climate solutions, an ocean that sustains us, and scientific innovation and discovery to secure the health and future of people and planet.

Invest in families and communities

We prioritize the importance of children having a healthy start and promoting resilient and vibrant communities where children and families thrive, so they have the power to shape their lives.

Our Values

Our values deeply reflect the history and philosophy of the Packard family’s approach to philanthropy, guiding how we do our work.

Belief in Individual Leadership

We promote an environment of trust and flexibility, recognizing that people with diverse backgrounds, their ideas, and their efforts are at the center of change.


We strive for meaningful impact. We evaluate and adapt our work in partnership with communities.


We strive for equity in all we do in pursuit of a more just world.


We are open and honest, hold ourselves accountable, and adhere to the highest standards of conduct and ethics in all we do.


We show respect for all people. We value and listen deeply to diverse perspectives.

Thinking Big

We encourage and support big ideas where a large, long-term commitment of resources can make a significant contribution to enduring change.

Expanding Our Impact

Institutional Commitments

Institutional Commitments

Honoring long-term commitments to institutions that are core to our legacy

Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering

Providing most promising early-career scientists and engineers flexible funding to take risks.

Mission Investing

Expanding the impact of our grantmaking through loans and equity investments