Mission Investing

Expanding the impact of our grantmaking through loans and equity investments.

In an evolving world with complex social and environmental challenges, the nonprofit, public, and private sectors all have important roles to play. While grantmaking is the Foundation’s primary tool for advancing our mission, mission investing can help organizations that are driving social and environmental change seize time-sensitive and higher-risk opportunities, tackle large-scale projects, attract new sources of capital, and scale efforts for maximum impact. We pursue investments that connect deeply with Foundation’s goals.

We have dedicated up to $250 million of our endowment for mission investments – including loans and equity investments – which serve as a flexible tool for non-profit and for-profit organizations to tackle the world’s most pressing problems, sometimes on a much larger scale than we are able to do with grants alone. As an impact-first investor, the highest return we seek is social and environmental impact to advance our grantmaking strategies. Our mission investing is designed to maximize impact while maintaining a permanent pool of capital for future projects. 

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