Ocean Initiative

Protecting and restoring ocean habitats and communities, achieving equitable and sustainable fisheries, ending illegal fishing, and harnessing ocean-based climate solutions.

The ocean sustains all life on earth. It provides billions of people with livelihoods, food and nutritional security, and cultural heritage. However, the ocean is facing numerous threats, including unsustainable fishing practices, habitat and biodiversity loss, and the impacts of climate change. These threats are not only damaging to ocean health but also pose a risk to the billions of people around the world who depend on healthy ocean ecosystems.

The ocean is capable of remarkable resilience and recovery when civil society, seafood supply chain actors, and governments prioritize the health of ocean ecosystems and the rights of ocean-reliant communities. And it has an essential role to play in mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Specifically in Chile, China, the U.S., and Indonesia, we are supporting the leadership of Indigenous, coastal and small-scale fishing communities to develop and implement solutions for managing ocean resources. We are aiming to help scale their solutions regionally and globally so that we can protect and restore the ocean for people now and in the future.

To achieve this, our ocean grantmaking focuses on developing and implementing solutions that protect and restore ocean habitats and communities, achieve equitable and sustainable fisheries, end illegal fishing and human and worker rights abuses in seafood supply chains, and harness ocean-based climate solutions.

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