The Challenge

One core belief has driven Organizational Effectiveness (OE) grantmaking since David Packard began the Management Assistance program in 1983: Organizations are more effective when they are equipped with thoughtful strategy, strong leadership, and sound operations. Ignore these fundamentals and risk failure.

Our Work

OE program funding helps organizations strengthen their fundamentals so they can focus on achieving their missions. Our program funds current Foundation grantees to help them build core strengths in areas like strategic and business planning, financial management, board and executive leadership, and communications. We also make grants to build these capacities among groups of leaders and cohorts of grantees, through initiatives called Partnership Projects —so that nonprofit leaders can share knowledge, learn from their peers, and grow their networks.

The Organizational Effectiveness program does not support computers or software, rent or other occupancy expenses, website design, financial audits, tuition for degree programs, conference costs, recurring staff training expenses, program evaluations, printing of strategic plans or other reports, or legal fees.

The Change We Seek

We aim to build grantee organizations’ capacity so they become better able to improve the lives of children, enable the creative pursuit of science, advance reproductive health, and conserve and restore the earth’s natural systems.

Only current Packard Foundation grantees are eligible to apply to the Organizational Effectiveness program.

The Philanthropy Fund

The Philanthropy Fund makes a limited number of grants each year to support and improve the philanthropic infrastructure and to build and disseminate knowledge about effective philanthropy.

Unsolicited proposals are not accepted to the Philanthropy Fund.