Local Grantmaking

Thriving Youth

We invest in organizations that provide equitable access to high-impact and culturally-relevant afterschool programming where youth can discover their purpose, passion, and pathway to a thriving future.

When youth are engaged in programs outside of school hours, they attend school more often, get better grades, and build foundational skills like communication, teamwork, and problem solving. Access to quality afterschool programs—not just for academic strengthening, but also programs that support civic engagement, health and wellness, workforce skills, and pride in cultural identity—is critical to youth development and increases the likelihood of future success. Yet, in our local five-county region, access to these programs is severely lacking, especially for youth living in communities where families earn lower incomes. This unequal access has resulted in a widening opportunity gap, with immediate consequences for academic achievement and long-term consequences for success in work and life.

We fund grantees who:

  • Support youth to achieve their educational and career goals, and develop skills for post-secondary success.
  • Promote young people’s civic engagement, leadership, and social and emotional development.
  • Provide youth with meaningful experiences that cultivate pride in their identities and in their communities.

Our People

Meera Mani

Vice President, Families and Communities

Miguel M. Salinas

California Communities Program Officer

Thania Barragan

Program Associate

Interested grant seekers are encouraged to submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) through the Local Grantmaking Program’s open LOI process. Please be sure to review the Local Grantmaking Program’s FAQ page before submitting an LOI and read through all guidelines to ensure that your organization or programs align with the Program’s funding priorities. Please note that the LOI is a means to introduce your organization or program to the Foundation and is not a formal proposal nor a guarantee of funding.