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Climate change is the defining issue of our day. It is a global problem that demands global action.

Climate change is an urgent, undeniable, and unique threat that has the potential to undermine everything we care about as a foundation. Its effects touch all cultures and geographies. Climate change disrupts earth’s natural systems. It threatens public health, global development, and safety. And it hurts the world’s most vulnerable people most of all.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions over the next 10 years is essential to stabilize our climate. It is a problem that can be solved in ways that provide economic and social benefits for all. Together, we can have a collective impact and measurable progress is already being made.

In partnership with other funders, we have invested in the ClimateWorks Foundation and their network of hundreds of non-profit organizations worldwide. Together, we are focused on proven and emerging mitigation strategies that will make the biggest difference.

We aim to:

  • Promote clean power alternatives that reduce reliance on coal.
  • Increase the availability of low carbon transportation options to minimize global oil consumption.
  • Increase energy efficiency across all sectors.
  • Minimize emissions from land use practices around the world by stopping deforestation and improving agricultural practices.
  • Reduce emissions of potent greenhouse gases beyond carbon dioxide alone, including black carbon, methane, and hydrofluorocarbons.
  • Identify breakthrough strategies that will change the trajectory of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Approach


More Money, Better Aligned

Through our partnership with ClimateWorks and regional climate foundations, such as the European Climate Foundation and Energy Foundation, we are investing in a coordinated philanthropic response to mitigate climate change.


Sustainability in Practice

The Packard Foundation headquarters is one of the largest Net Zero Energy certified building in the world, designed to inspire others to develop high performance green buildings.

Fellowships in Philanthropy

In partnership with the U.C. Berkeley Center for Social Sector Leadership, we provide recent graduates from diverse disciplines and backgrounds a professional-level introduction to philanthropy and the non-profit sector.

The Packard Foundation is deeply invested in slowing climate change because it threatens to undermine all of the issues we care about. Take a look at our most recent insights on accelerating solutions to climate change.