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Packard Foundation CEO Nancy Lindborg Joins Critical Conversation on the Importance of Climate Resilience

On January 22, 2024, Packard Foundation CEO Nancy Lindborg joined Rip Rapson, CEO of the Kresge Foundation, and Dana Lanza, CEO of Confluence Philanthropy for an important conversation about the importance of investing in climate resilience.

Like many organizations, we are steadfast in our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But, while we continue to invest in efforts to end the climate crisis through mitigation, we recognize that people around the world are already facing threats on a scale from disruptive to existential, exacerbating existing inequities.

Nancy, Rip, and Dana discussed the need for philanthropy to think about applying a climate resilience lens across their work as these challenges will impact all our work from health care to education to racial justice.

Watch their conversation to learn more.

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