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Children’s Health

Children’s brains and bodies grow rapidly in the first five years. We work to guarantee children and families access to quality care that keeps kids healthy and gives them a strong start in life.

Every child deserves the chance to succeed, and the first five years are a crucial time in their development. This is the time when children’s brains and bodies grow rapidly, and the senses, language, and other basic cognitive skills develop.

Smart investments help children reach their full potential by removing barriers. We want every child to have access to quality, affordable care that keeps them healthy and gives them a strong start in life. And we want their parents to know how they can use the resources available to them and their children.

We can give our youngest children a strong start by making sure families have access to health insurance, well-trained doctors, healthy food, preventative care, and developmental screenings—all of which will help kids grow up healthy and strong.

We are working to:

  • Defend and expand access to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to provide all kids with quality health care.
  • Help states support Medicaid expansion and ensure as many children and parents as possible are enrolled in health insurance.
  • Invest in tools and training to help parents understand and take advantage of available health coverage and find a quality health care provider.
  • Support early screenings to assess whether children reach important milestones and ensure referral and intervention services are available so all children stay on track for success.
  • Support policies and practices that strengthen the Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) program so families with young children have improved access to healthy food, as well as nutrition education and resources.
  • Support policies, practices, and investments that help young children and their parents get the information, coaching, and support they need to stay healthy.

Partner Highlight

Georgetown University Center for Children and Families (CCF)

CCF is a research and policy center with the mission to expand and improve high quality, affordable health coverage for all of the nation’s children and families. A part of the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute, CCF has established itself as a leader in child and family coverage issues with policymakers, state and federal advocates, research organizations, and the media. Since 2007, CCF has provided technical assistance (TA) to state-based organizations working on children’s health insurance coverage and access. CCF also provides TA to select organizations working to improve children’s healthy development.

Our People

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Katherine Beckmann

Program Officer

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Program Officer

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Program Associate

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Program Associate

Diana Garcia

Program Research Analyst

How to Get Support

The Children, Families, and Communities Program is not accepting unsolicited proposals, but welcomes your ideas for funding requests. Before you send a request, please review this page. If your work is aligned with the program strategy and geographic focus, please send your request using the form here.