Children’s Health

Insuring America’s Children: Getting to the Finish Line

In 2007, the Packard Foundation launched the Insuring America’s Children: Getting to the Finish Line initiative, with a goal of insuring 95 percent of all U.S. children in the coming decade. Since that time, the Foundation has funded state-based advocacy organizations that are defending and advancing policies that support comprehensive health insurance coverage and improve access to quality health care services for children and their families at the state and federal levels. We support these grantees by providing technical assistance in policy analysis, strategy, and communications through the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families and GMMB.

In partnership with other philanthropic leaders, the initial eight states in the Finish Line initiative have grown to a total of 22 states. Since 2017, the coordinated state to federal advocacy network has expanded to ramp up efforts to safeguard children’s health coverage due to a volatile federal policy environment and a major economic recession that jeopardized insurance coverage and access to health services.

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