What We Fund

Children, Families, and Communities

All children should have access to health and early learning opportunities that help them be healthy, ready for school, and on track to reach their full potential.

The foundations for a lifetime of health and learning are built in the first five years of a child’s life, and adults are key to making these foundations strong.

When adults know how to support a child’s healthy development and can create experiences for learning, children grow up with the curiosity and confidence they need to succeed in school and life.

Many different adults matter to a child’s growth—from parents to child care providers, educators, and health care professionals. They all play an important role in nurturing a child’s development, learning, and health.

We can help children have a strong start in life by ensuring that all the adults in their lives are equipped with the best information, coaching, resources, and support they need to help the children in their care grow and thrive.

We aim to:

  • Improve training and professional development for child care providers and educators so they can support children’s learning and growth.
  • Provide parents, family, and friends that care for children with the skills and support they need to create nurturing environments for children.
  • Ensure all children and their families can afford comprehensive health insurance coverage.
  • Strive for equitable access to quality health care and nutrition services as part of a system that supports children and families.
  • Support comprehensive paid family leave policies that allow adults to take the time they need to care for sick loved ones or nurture young children so that they grow up healthy, confident, and ready to learn.


  • “Imagine a world where adults caring for children have knowledge and resources so children grow healthy and eager to learn with curiosity and confidence.”

    Meera Mani, Director, Children, Families, and Communities

  • "The early years are important for the experiences that provoke early learning and the relationships that give meaning to those experiences."

    Ross A. Thompson, Ph.D., UC Davis

  • “The future success of our children—in California and the nation—depends on us guaranteeing access to quality, affordable health care today.”

    Mike Odeh, Associate Director of Health Policy, Children Now and Member, California Children’s Health Coverage Coalition

  • “Philanthropy can serve as a catalyst for game changing, systemic progress for the most vulnerable children birth to five and their families in California.”

    Parker Blackman, Executive Director, The LA Partnership for Early Childhood Investments