United States

In the United States, more than half of all women of reproductive age (15–44) live in a state that is hostile to abortion rights. Opposition to comprehensive sexuality education, contraception and abortion continues to spread, while a growing number of state-level restrictions limit the window of time for an abortion, increase the cost of care, and create unnecessary hardship for women seeking care.

Our Goals

Our work in the United States seeks to advance reproductive health and rights for women and young people by improving access to quality comprehensive sexuality education, voluntary family planning/contraception and safe abortion care.

What We Fund

In the United States, we fund nongovernmental organizations and networks at the national level and in Louisiana and Mississippi. At the national level, we support policy advocacy, litigation and innovative strategies not only to defend reproductive rights, but to pilot more pro-active strategies and policies.

At the state level we aim to:

  • Expand access to comprehensive sexuality education and youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services through youth-focused advocacy and the establishment and evaluation of model programs;
  • Improve the quality and reach of family planning/contraception services by strengthening local clinics that reach vulnerable populations and by testing innovative education and service delivery strategies; and
  • Protect and advance access to safe abortion by building state-based advocacy capacity and addressing the clinic and provider shortage in these states.

At both the national and state level, we aim to strengthen the capacity of key organizations and leaders so they can sustain and/or expand women’s access to quality reproductive health care. While we coordinate and work closely with public sector stakeholders, we generally do not fund governmental institutions or direct services.

Our Approach

Our program work is driven by strategy. Learn more about our work and targeted initiatives.

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