Early Learning

The Early Learning strategy aims to ensure that infants, toddlers, and preschoolers are on track for success in school and in life by being ready for school by age five, regardless of their family’s background. We support adults who provide nurturing environments so children enjoy learning, exploring and making friends, and adults have pride and confidence in the education and care they provide.

Our Goals

We work to make sure that every person who cares for a child is prepared to provide the best environment for them to learn and grow. Adults will know how to provide the kind of nurturing and enrichment children need early in life in order to reach their full potential, and parents will have the opportunity to enroll their children in high-quality preschool by age three.

What We Fund

The Early Learning strategy invests in action and ideas that ensure children develop the skills they need for success in school and in life. We support improving training and professional development for educators and caregivers, and providing parents, family, and friends that care for children with the skills and support they need to provide nurturing environments for children.

Our Approach 

Our program work is driven by strategy. Learn more about our work and targeted initiatives.