Children’s Health

The Children’s Health strategy aims to ensure that all children have health insurance coverage and access to quality health care as the foundation for their health, development.

Our Goals

We work to ensure strong implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that secures health insurance coverage for children and families in ways that expand families’ access to quality health care and develops strong linkages between health, development, and early learning experiences. We support public policy reforms, program implementation, and links across systems to develop networked capacity, leadership, knowledge, and innovative, transformative solutions for children and families.

What We Fund

We invest in action and ideas that sustain and expand children’s coverage and their families’ access to care. Our work spans policies, systems, and practices at the federal and state levels, to further both proven and innovative access solutions. We fund state-based children’s advocacy organizations in eleven states, as well as national organizations focused on children’s health. We may also consider some locally-based programs that demonstrate best practices in improving child and parent health outcomes.

Our Approach 

Our program work is driven by strategy. Learn more about our work and targeted initiatives.