After-School and Summer Enrichment

The After-school and Summer Enrichment strategy strives to ensure that all young people are on track to reach their full potential and are equipped with self-confidence, curiosity, social skills, and a love of learning. We envision a future where all children and youth have access to high-quality after-school and summer learning opportunities that support their year-round development and well-being.

Our Goals

Our vision is for all students in California, regardless of their family’s background, to be on track for success in the classroom and in life because they have access to quality after-school and summer learning opportunities. The Foundation seeks to ensure expanded learning programs are fully integrated into the education system and education leaders are aware of the devastating effects of summer learning loss. Additionally, the Foundation supports after-school providers working toward a common definition of quality summer learning that includes literacy, wellness, and a connection to the outdoors.

What We Fund

The After-School and Summer Enrichment strategies support projects to address the gaps in our current educational systems around high-quality after-school and summer learning opportunities for low-income children.

Our strategies support:

  • Ten showcase summer learning programs
  • Robust training, technical assistance, advocacy, and public policy reforms
  • Research that informs the field

Our Approach 

Our program work is driven by strategy. Learn more about our work and targeted initiatives.