Amol Aggarwal

A central goal of my research is to mathematically understand how intricate structures behave as their “complexities” tend to infinity. I have studied this question under various guises, including analyzing statistical mechanical systems (crystal growth... Continue Reading

Aleksandr Logunov

The main topic of my research is nodal geometry. In the beginning of the 19-th century Napoleon Bonaparte set a prize for the best mathematical explanation of Chladni’s resonance experiments. Nodal sets observed in these... Continue Reading

Pardon, John V.

I explore problems in geometric topology and related fields, including symplectic geometry. Topology is the study of properties of shapes which are preserved under continuous deformations (as if things are made of a clay-like material... Continue Reading

Bhatt, Bhargav

My research interests lie at the intersection of two fields of mathematics: algebraic geometry (which studies solutions to systems of polynomial equations in many variables) and number theory (which studies properties and relationship of numbers).... Continue Reading

Wood, Melanie Matchett

My research tackles some of the oldest unsolved mysteries of mathematics. In ancient Greece, Diophantus asked how many integral solutions equations have (for example, one integral solution to y^2=x^3+3x+5 is x=4, y=9). My research group... Continue Reading

Corwin, Ivan

My research group works to unify algebraic structures within mathematics, build bridges between these structures and domains of physics, and discover universal phenomena within these domains. We have uncovered universal distributions (modern day parallels of... Continue Reading

Fox, Jacob

I am a mathematician whose research is in combinatorics and related fields of mathematics and computer science. In particular, my research includes extremal combinatorics, algebraic and probabilistic methods in combinatorics, Ramsey theory, graph theory, additive... Continue Reading

Yun, Zhiwei

I work at the crossroads of algebraic geometry, representation theory, and number theory. I’m interested in applying methods from geometry to solve problems in regarding numbers and symmetries, especially those related to the Langlands program.

Yau, Horng-Tzer

My general research interests include: Partial differential equations, non-equilibrium statistical physics, Interacting particle systems, Probability theory, Quantum dynamics of many-body systems. My recent interests include: Gross-Pitaevskii equation, dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensation, energy of Bose gas,... Continue Reading

Wooley, Trevor D.

Bounds for exponential sums are fundamental throughout much of (analytic) number theory, and key to the robustness of applications in theoretical computer science, cryptography, and so on. They are the primary tool for testing equidistribution... Continue Reading