Engineering - Chemical or Biological


Ritchie Chen

Physical sensations, such as a stomach knot when experiencing anxiety or trembling in the face of fear, have long been associated with our emotions. However, discerning the relationship between emotions and bodily functions has proven... Continue Reading

Yanxiang Deng

Spatial and functional organization of single cells in their tissue context is essential for a true mechanistic understanding of novel biology and disease pathogenesis, which is often missing in current single-cell omics data. In addition,... Continue Reading

Yayuan Liu

Carbon dioxide capture from the point of generation or the ambient environment is broadly recognized to play a key role in climate change mitigation. However, the incumbent methods are energy-intensive and fossil fuel-dependent. My research... Continue Reading

Dayne Swearer

As a Packard Fellow, I will explore the science and engineering of the fourth state of matter – plasmas – and the opportunities these exotic, chemically reactive environments may hold for converting stubborn molecules like... Continue Reading

Yang Yang

Biocatalysis holds the potential to revolutionize the sustainable production of biofuels, chemicals, and medicine. However, current biocatalysis research is limited to the engineering of enzyme functions known in biochemistry or organic chemistry. By combining our... Continue Reading

Yuzhang Li

The Li Group’s long term goal is to understand and develop new technologies (e.g. batteries) that will play a major role in renewable energy, sustainability, and global climate change, all of which represent grand challenges... Continue Reading

Brian Belardi

Living tissue exhibits exquisite morphologies and material properties that are difficult to match synthetically. For decades, applying extracellular cues to cell aggregates has yielded tremendous gains in engineering tissue, influencing cell behaviors in highly valuable... Continue Reading

Claudia Loebel

Memory encodes and stores information that can be retrieved in decision-making, something that thrives in groups of organisms (e.g., ant or bee colonies), and in all processes related to human existence. However, biological memory and... Continue Reading

C. Wyatt Shields IV

Leveraging advances from the semiconductor industry, it is possible to fabricate microscale and nanoscale devices capable of directed reconfiguration. These properties give so-called microrobots the potential to perform difficult tasks, such as manipulate microscale objects... Continue Reading

Sho Takatori

Most artificial membrane surfaces are designed to perform a single task, like gas exchange or chemical catalysis, and they often have a chronic problem of surface fouling by foreign contaminants. In my lab, we envision... Continue Reading