Climate change is the defining issue of our day. It is a global problem that demands global action, while we still have time to make a difference. We believe that it is imperative to address climate change, as it would uniquely undermine the Foundation’s priorities—improving the lives of children and families while protecting the earth’s natural systems for future generations.

We know that mitigation efforts over the next 20 to 30 years can play a significant role in stabilizing our climate and protecting the earth’s capacity to support life. Measurable progress is already being made, giving us hope that it is not too late to avoid potentially disastrous human-caused climate change.

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Global Climate Mitigation

We work to catalyze a coordinated worldwide philanthropic response to mitigate climate change and support efforts with the greatest potential to reduce emissions.

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Climate and Land Use

We work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and nitrogen pollution resulting from global deforestation and unsustainable agricultural practices across the world.

Stories of Progress

Conservation and Science

Cow Power in California

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