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Request for Proposals: Building Power in BIPOC Communities

The submission period has closed. Grants awarded will be announced Fall 2021.

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation aims to improve the lives of children, families, and communities, improve reproductive health and restore and protect our planet. Since 2014, the Foundation’s U.S. Reproductive Health Grantmaking has supported leaders and organizations in Louisiana and Mississippi to secure and expand access to sex education, quality contraception, and abortion care. This commitment to reproductive health and rights is guided by the belief that every individual has the right to live with dignity and have autonomy over their body and life.

RFP Purpose and Scope

We believe a truly intersectional progressive movement that advances racial justice is critical for people and communities to thrive—and that includes a robust and engaged base of supporters for gender equity and reproductive justice. The purpose of this one-time funding is to strengthen organizing in Mississippi and Louisiana among Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) communities; low-income communities; and/or rural communities. Gender equity and reproductive rights do not need to be the sole focus of the proposed work, however all projects must demonstrate a commitment to reproductive justice and to women, girls, and others who experience gender inequities.

Projects that stigmatize abortion will not be considered.

Examples of the types of activities this funding could support include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing or receiving coaching with experts to help develop and implement an organizing work plan.
  • Infrastructure upgrades such as access to database systems that support organizing efforts.
  • Enhancing voter lists to focus work where it is most effective in reaching underrepresented communities.
  • Expanding work into new and rural places.
  • Testing innovative approaches (such as deep canvassing).
  • Evaluating proposed projects.

Who Should Apply

All types of organizations (public, private, non-profit) are invited to submit a letter of inquiry. Please note that the Packard Foundation cannot provide grants directly to individuals. We encourage multi-issue organizations and coalitions to apply.

Criteria for Decision Making

All proposed projects will be assessed based on the degree to which they are:

  • Aligned with the purpose and scope of the RFP;
  • Seeking to expand or engage supporters (e.g. organizing, integrated voter engagement);
  • Supportive of BIPOC communities, low-income communities, and/or rural communities;
  • Led by, engage, and respond to the community intended to be served;
  • Conducive to the one-time nature of this investment; and
  • Focused on work in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Additional considerations for this funding include:

  • Youth organizing efforts that intentionally engage young people as leaders and partners;
  • Intersectional or cross-movement projects;
  • Organizations based in Mississippi and Louisiana;
  • Projects that involve multiple organizations or collaborative efforts; and
  • Organizations with a demonstrated commitment to building power, reach, and capacity in rural areas, small cities, and towns.

Application Process

To express interest in this request for proposal process, please submit a letter of inquiry (LOI) that includes a description of your organization/coalition and the proposed project (see link below for LOI). The U.S. Reproductive Health team and an external committee will review all LOIs based on the criteria listed above, and finalists will be invited to participate in a virtual interview. Following interviews, selected projects will be invited for funding. Organizations are limited to no more than two submissions either individually or in coalition.

Terms and Conditions

Applications can be from a single organization, a group of organizations, or collaborations. The total amount of funding available for this effort is $1,000,000. Up to six projects between $100,000 – $1,000,000 will be considered. Only proposals for efforts working in coalition with multiple organizations will be considered for $1,000,000. Unless otherwise requested, all grants will be 24 months long.

Grants will be awarded in October 2021.

Grantees will have the opportunity to meet with each other and share learnings and best practices over the course of the two-year grant period.


The following is the expected timeline for the process:

May 10

Request for Proposals Issued

June 8 and June 16

Question and Answer Sessions

July 9

Letters of Inquiry Due

July 19 – 22

Finalist Interviews

July 26

Decisions made and additional materials requested as needed

August 11

Materials Due

October 2021

Grants Awarded


Ready to Submit a Letter of Inquiry?

Thank you for your interest. The deadline for submitting a Letter of Inquiry has passed. Please see the timeline above for next steps.