What We Fund


A better future for people and the ocean is possible.

The ocean makes life on our planet possible. It delivers the oxygen we breathe and regulates our climate. Nearly 40 percent of the world’s population depend on marine and coastal resources for their jobs. A healthy ocean is also critical to food security and nutrition, especially in some of the most food insecure places on earth.

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation has supported ocean conservation and science for half a century. Since our first marine-related grant in 1968, the Packard Foundation’s long-standing engagement with a diverse set of grantees has transformed what we know about our ocean and how people interact with it.

As overfishing, climate change, and other threats put increasing pressure on the ocean, the Foundation’s resources support work in two areas that could have the greatest impact in protecting and restoring ocean life: protecting marine biodiversity and improving the sustainability of seafood from wild marine fisheries and fish farms in the ocean.


  • “We envision a future where the world manages the health of the ocean in ways that include the needs of people today and in the future.”

    Meg Caldwell