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Innovations in Climate Solutions Initiative

We support innovative climate leaders around the world to design their own bold strategies to address climate change. 

Our world is changing due to climate change. And fast. Because climate change is such a multi-faceted, complex problem, there is no singular solution. Instead, tackling such a wicked problem requires a diversity of approaches and strategies. Not surprisingly, most philanthropic strategies to address climate change are designed by the foundations funding them, and most of those foundations are based in the U.S and Europe. What if instead of relying only on these strategies, outstanding climate leaders around the world were given the resources to design their own bold strategies to address the climate challenge? That could dramatically increase the diversity of strategies being pursued and that is the central approach of this Initiative.

Our goal is to support innovative climate solutions: bold, creative ideas that wouldn’t otherwise get the support they need to have a chance at making a big difference.

Key to this work is our support for Climate Breakthrough, which provides unrestricted funding to outstanding problem solvers from around the world. Climate Breakthrough awardees pursue the breakthrough strategies we need to reduce greenhouse gases well below their current unacceptable trajectory.

Photo Credit: Climate Breakthrough

Partner Highlight

Climate Breakthrough

The annual Climate Breakthrough awards are the largest climate action grants for individuals, going to extraordinary changemakers to pursue their most ambitious and innovative climate change mitigation ideas that have the potential to transform entire industries or countries and materially change the lives of millions of people.

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How to Get Support

The Innovations in Climate Solutions initiative operates through Climate Breakthrough.  Please see their website to understand its process for identifying leaders for the Climate Breakthrough Awards.