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Fellow: Lauren Zarzar

Elucidating mechanisms by which light interacts with matter to generate characteristic spectral signatures has fundamental and applied impact in fields ranging from optics to surface science and applications as diverse as displays and sensors. We propose to explore a fundamentally divergent approach for generating structural color by controlling interference occurring when light undergoes multiple total… Continue Reading

Fellow: Ankur Jain

My laboratory investigates the role of RNA in cellular organization and in neurodegenerative disease. There are currently three active areas of research in my laboratory. One, we are studying how RNA can act as a scaffold for cellular compartmentalization by mediating the assembly of RNA-containing granules. Second, we examine how regulated RNA-DNA interactions contribute to… Continue Reading

Fellow: Jose Rodriguez

With the ultimate goal of rapid, automated determination of molecular structures at atomic resolution from as few as a thousand molecules, my group has pioneered the development of new methods in electron diffraction. Using these methods, we interrogate the atomic structure of varied molecular crystals. Equipped with a 300 KeV electron microscope, we are in… Continue Reading

Grant: Perkumpulan Bentara Papua

to continue strengthening the role of indigenous women and youth in sustainable livelihoods and conservation efforts in the Arfak Mountains and South Sorong regencies in West Papua, Indonesia

Grant: Asia Foundation

to facilitate improved livelihoods and forest conservation among indigenous communities through re-granting and technical assistance to local organizations in Papua and West Papua, Indonesia

Grant: ActionAid USA

to continue to support the Women Farmer’s Forum in the Nyiragongo territory of the North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo