Am I eligible for a Packard Fellowship award?

Please see Eligibility and Disciplines to determine if you meet the Packard Fellowship criteria for a nomination from your university.

Every January, the Foundation invites the presidents of 50 universities to nominate two early-career professors from their institutions for the award. Please contact your university’s Office of Sponsored Research or Department Chair to learn about your institution’s internal nomination process.

The Fellowship Advisory Panel has limited the Invited Institutions list to 50 universities and nominations are only open to those universities. The Invited Institutions list is periodically reviewed by the Advisory Panel to determine if institutions should be added or removed from the list.

The Packard Fellowship grant begins in mid-October of the year the grant is awarded. The Fellowship is a five‐year grant.

The grant provides $175,000 per year for five years, subject to reasonable progress in the research work of the Fellow. Of this amount, $17,500 will be for the unrestricted use by the University and is intended to compensate for administrative costs, and the remaining $157,500 will be for the use by the Fellow to support his/her research work.

The Fellow and the University are required to submit annual reports during the five-year grant. The Fellow is required to submit a one- to two-page narrative report of his/her research progress and an update of C.V. information (due October 15 via Packard Fellows Online). The University is required to submit a final financial report of the Fellow’s expenditures (due December 31 via email to Packard Fellows program staff).