January 31

Foundation sends Request for Nomination packages to 50 university presidents/chancellors.

Interested faculty: please ensure you meet the eligibility requirements and contact your university’s Office of Sponsored Research or Department Chair for inquiries about your institution’s internal nomination process.

February 15

Packard Fellows Online application system opens. Upon receipt of University’s official nomination form, the Foundation will email login credentials to nominees to complete the online application. It is each nominee’s responsibility to ensure their application and four reference letters are submitted by the April 21 deadline.

March 15

Deadline for invited institutions to submit their two Packard Fellowship nominations to the Foundation.

April 20

All applications and all reference letters are due to the Foundation via Packard Fellows Online by 5:00 pm Pacific Time.


Fellowship Advisory Panel conducts a detailed review of 100 applications and reference letters.


Fellowship Advisory Panel convenes at the annual Packard Fellows Meeting to select 20 award recommendations.

Packard Foundation Board of Trustees reviews award recommendations and approves grants.

October 15

Foundation announces Packard Fellowship Awards on website. Pending signed grant agreement, Fellowships award period begins October 16.

December 16

Packard Fellowship Guidelines for the upcoming year are posted on website.