Carlos Argüelles-Delgado

The IceCube Neutrino Observatory has observed high-energy neutrinos produced in some of the most violent processes in the Universe. But despite of more than a decade of observations only a few neutrino sources have been... Continue Reading

Richard Fletcher

Understanding the organization of interacting quantum particles into emergent states of matter presents one of the most challenging problems in physics. My group uses ultracold atomic gases to create highly-controlled, custom quantum worlds in which... Continue Reading

Danielle Speller

My research focuses on the use of novel detection strategies to search for physics beyond the Standard Model. My goal is to develop new approaches by combining techniques and instrumentation from different disciplines, forming the... Continue Reading

Vedika Khemani

Macroscopic quantum systems with many interacting particles can display novel emergent phenomena, ranging from exotic superconductors to topological insulators. Traditionally, many-body systems were most easily studied – conceptually and experimentally – near low temperatures and... Continue Reading

Ana Asenjo-Garcia

My research focus is on theoretical quantum optics and its intersection with quantum information and condensed matter physics. In particular, a significant part of my research focuses on emergent optical phenomena that arises in ensembles... Continue Reading

Peter McMahon

My lab’s unifying theme is the study of how physical systems can be harnessed to perform computation more efficiently or faster (or both) than is done by conventional computers, with a long-term goal of building... Continue Reading

Diana Qiu

The absorption of light by matter follows a universal mechanism that drives crucial reactions in both natural and engineered systems. Processes ranging from photosynthesis, to photocatalysis, to photovoltaic energy harvesting all begin the same way:... Continue Reading

Daniel Harlow

My primary research focus is the quantum mechanical properties of black holes. To understand these better, I use a combination of tools from quantum information theory, quantum field theory, classical gravity, string theory, and condensed... Continue Reading

Julia Mundy

While quantum mechanics forms the basis for all materials properties, in most compounds it is only relevant at the very smallest length scales. There exist some materials, however, in which the quantum nature transcends the... Continue Reading

Timothy Kovachy

In everyday life, we are intuitively accustomed to assuming massive objects exist in a definite position in space. However, quantum mechanics remarkably predicts that massive particles such as atoms can exist in a quantum superposition... Continue Reading