Ritchie Chen

Physical sensations, such as a stomach knot when experiencing anxiety or trembling in the face of fear, have long been associated with our emotions. However, discerning the relationship between emotions and bodily functions has proven... Continue Reading

Justus Kebschull

My research aims to understand how the brain functions by taking a comparative approach orthogonal to most contemporary systems neuroscience studies. Instead of focusing on a single model species, we engineer new technologies to efficiently... Continue Reading

Jeffrey Markowitz

A key goal for neuroscience is to understand how neural activity is orchestrated in space and time to produce behavior. This pursuit is driven by both academic and clinical motivations, as pathological activity gives rise... Continue Reading

Ponce, Carlos

Our brains efficiently filter and compress visual information about the world through a neural code which informs cognition and behavior. Despite decades of effort, this code remains elusive. To understand the neural code for visual... Continue Reading

Weizhe Hong

We live in a world that is largely socially constructed. Empathy–the ability to share the emotional states of others–is crucial to our emotional and social lives. Empathy and empathy-induced altruism not only offer crucial benefits... Continue Reading

Singer, Annabelle C.

My long-term goal is to understand how neural activity both produces memories and protects brain health, while using this knowledge to engineer neural activity to treat brain diseases. Integrating innovative experimental and analytical methods, my... Continue Reading

Yartsev, Michael

Our lab seeks to understand the neural basis of complex spatial and acoustic behaviors in mammals. To do so, we use one of the most spatially and acoustically sophisticated mammals on our planet – the... Continue Reading

Zhang, Li I.

My research is centered on deciphering the brain, i.e. to understand how perception and behaviors are generated and controlled, how the brain adapts in response to changes in the dynamic external environment, and how specific... Continue Reading

Schnitzer, Mark

The long-term goal of our research is to advance experimental paradigms for understanding normal cognitive and disease processes at the level of neural circuits, with emphasis on learning and memory processes

Saxe, Rebecca

Research in our lab is motivated by big questions: How does the human brain ‒ an electrical and biological machine ‒ construct abstract thoughts? What aspects of our brains and minds are universal, shared by... Continue Reading