Materials Science


Lisa Poulikakos

Imaging science is a critical enabler of revolutionary scientific advances across disciplines. However, current imaging technologies face prohibitive trade-offs in resolution, penetration depth and experimental complexity. I envision a future where imaging science is unencumbered... Continue Reading

Ritchie Chen

Physical sensations, such as a stomach knot when experiencing anxiety or trembling in the face of fear, have long been associated with our emotions. However, discerning the relationship between emotions and bodily functions has proven... Continue Reading

Mengxia Liu

Understanding the dynamics of energy carriers is crucial to processes ranging from photosynthesis to photovoltaics and batteries. While carriers in the equilibrium state are well studied, perturbation of carrier dynamics by multiple independent internal and... Continue Reading

Yayuan Liu

Carbon dioxide capture from the point of generation or the ambient environment is broadly recognized to play a key role in climate change mitigation. However, the incumbent methods are energy-intensive and fossil fuel-dependent. My research... Continue Reading

Yuzhang Li

The Li Group’s long term goal is to understand and develop new technologies (e.g. batteries) that will play a major role in renewable energy, sustainability, and global climate change, all of which represent grand challenges... Continue Reading

Marc Miskin

My group builds robots the size of microorganisms (10-100 um) with top-down nanofabrication. By perusing sophisticated machines that move, sense, and compute, we hope to achieve two goals. First, we want to develop a physics... Continue Reading

Huang, Pinshane

Our group uses transmission electron microscopy and electron energy loss spectroscopy to understand nanomaterials and devices at the atomic scale. Using recent advances in aberration-corrected electron microscopy, we aim to image the structure, bonding, electronic,... Continue Reading

Andrew, Trisha

My team and I produce textile-based electronic devices that retain the comfort, breathability, and feel of everyday fabrics and garments. We develop vapor-phase coating chemistries to imperceptibly coat mass-produced threads and textiles or readily-available premade... Continue Reading

Cahoon, James

Two central goals of my research group are to (1) develop a mechanistic understanding of semiconductor nanomaterial synthesis (e.g. nanowires), allowing precise control of composition and morphology, and (2) rationally design and experimentally measure, often... Continue Reading

Xia, Younan

My group’s research centers on the design and rational synthesis of novel nanomaterials for a range of applications, including cancer nanomedicine, regenerative medicine, catalysis, and clean energy technology. As for synthesis, my group is building... Continue Reading