Rachel Glade

Earth’s surface is constantly changing as water, wind and gravity sculpt landscapes via the transport of sediment in rivers and on hillslopes. These natural systems can exhibit dynamics and pattern formation similar to those found... Continue Reading

Zachary Ross

My research program is focused on developing an improved understanding of earthquakes, fault zones, and the hazards they pose to society. Large earthquakes are very difficult to study in detail because they are infrequent, with... Continue Reading

Harriet Lau

I aim to understand Earth’s large-scale properties that govern plate tectonics, the process behind mountain building, earthquakes, volcanism, and setting Earth’s long-term surface environment. To do this, I study processes across wide timescales, from earth... Continue Reading

Francois Tissot

How did our Solar System, in general, and the Earth, in particular, form? Long inaccessible, the answer to this fundamental question is encoded in the very isotopic composition of meteorites: i.e., the remnants of Solar... Continue Reading

Karen McKinnon

My research uses the combined tools of climate dynamics, statistics, and machine learning to describe, understand, and predict climate variability and change. The overarching motivation of my research program is to reduce uncertainty about the... Continue Reading

Bronwen Konecky

My research integrates field, lab, and model experiments in order to determine how the global water cycle has responded to past episodes of climate change. My primary focus is on the complex setting of tropical... Continue Reading

Da Yang

Rainstorms are ubiquitous in Earth’s atmosphere, and different types of rainstorms have their own characteristic spatial scales. For example, the typical spatial scale of hurricanes is about 1000 km, neither 100 km nor 10,000 km.... Continue Reading

Kristin Bergmann

I reconstruct the Earth’s temperature record using a unique combination of field observations, micro-analytical, and geochemical methods. My data suggest that before the appearance of macroscopic animals and the evolution of modern phyla, climate was... Continue Reading

Denolle, Marine A.

My research focuses on earthquake sources and their consequences. My approach is to create new observational tools that help validate physical models. I use strong ground motion recordings to unravel the mechanisms that control the... Continue Reading

Osburn, Magdalena R.

I am a geobiologist interested in understanding how microbial dark matter contributes to biogeochemical cycling. These organisms are uncultivated and unclassified but constitute the vast majority of microbial life on Earth. My work is focused... Continue Reading