Evolutionary Biology


Briana Abrahms

From our seas to our savannas, animals must now cope with dynamic environments that are undergoing unprecedented rates of change. How do animals make decisions in the face of such changes, and what are the... Continue Reading

Brian Weeks

As humans change the climate at an unprecedented rate, how species adapt to these novel conditions will fundamentally reshape the world’s ecosystems. Shifts in geographic range and changes in the timing of life history events... Continue Reading

Rachael Bay

With the rapid pace of climate change, it is increasingly clear that evolution will play an important role in species persistence. Yet, our understanding of factors that influence rapid adaptation, especially in marine systems, remains... Continue Reading

Roxanne Beltran

Global industrialization and climate change have threatened our oceans through man-made noise and rising temperatures, and these threats are worsening by the day. Identifying shifting ecological baselines is an urgent priority but requires a new... Continue Reading

Sarah Kocher

I want to understand the genetic and neurobiological mechanisms that have enabled social living. My research takes advantage of naturally occurring behavioral variation in sweat bees, where some species live and reproduce alone while others... Continue Reading

Patrick Shih

The evolution of photosynthesis forever transformed our planet’s geochemical cycles and left a lasting impact on life for billions of years. Studying the role of early life and metabolism across geological timescales has proven challenging,... Continue Reading

Jingchun Li

Humans rely on plants and algae to perform biological photosynthesis, providing us food, fuel, and commodities. However, plants and algae mainly use photosynthesis to power their own metabolism, only a small fraction is devoted to... Continue Reading

Alvaro Sanchez

Engineering and manipulating microbial communities is a major aspiration of microbiome biology that remains out of reach because we lack quantitative, predictive laws for community ecology. Indeed, the very existence of such laws has long... Continue Reading

Jacob Allgeier

Improving food security is a critical challenge for humanity, requiring solutions that increase the productivity of ecosystems in a sustainable way. I will develop an innovative program to increase fish production in coastal marine ecosystems... Continue Reading

Mary Caswell Stoddard

My group investigates the evolution of animal coloration and morphology. What processes contribute to the extraordinary diversity of phenotypic traits in nature? We focus on birds – the most colorful terrestrial vertebrates. A fundamental challenge... Continue Reading