Engineering - Electrical or Computer


Phillip Isola

Modern computer vision systems are remarkably effective at solving specific tasks in specific visual domains. These systems work because they are trained on huge curated datasets tailored to the task they aim to solve. The... Continue Reading

Kirstin Petersen

My research is focused on how to achieve superior performance and long term autonomy in multi-robot systems that address critical societal needs, from automated construction to precision agriculture. The major focus of my lab is... Continue Reading

Fan, Jonathan

Our group researches new design methods, device platforms, and materials discovery innovations for the next generation of nanophotonic technologies. Specific research activities include the following: 1) The application of optimization and machine learning to metamaterials.... Continue Reading

Waller, Laura

My research is in computational imaging, which involves the joint design of optics and algorithms for imaging systems with new capabilities. For example, we aim to achieve high-resolution recovered images across very wide field of... Continue Reading

Wang, Zheng

My research focuses on nanostructures and devices that strongly enhance the mechanical effects of light at GHz frequencies and above. These optical-force enabled devices provide new ways to control nanoscale fluid flow, to process broadband... Continue Reading

Wu, Ming C.

My main research areas include Optical MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) and optofluidics. In optofluidics, my group invented “optoelectronic tweezers” (OET) that enable massively parallel manipulation of individual biological cells using digital projectors. The cells are corralled... Continue Reading

Yanik, Mehmet F.

Understanding the structure and function of our nervous system, and its degeneration and regeneration is one of the greatest scientific, engineering, and medical challenges of the 21st century. The complexity of a single neuron is... Continue Reading

Willner, Alan E.

My research deals with optical technologies, primarily for communications, signal processing, and networking. Specifically, my research group at USC has explored various issues related to: (a) limitations in fiber and free-space communications, (b) wavelength and... Continue Reading

Tang, Hong

My research focuses on nanoscale device physics, at the boundary where photons interface with phonons, spins, and superconductors and the strong light-material interaction gives rise to new opportunities in classical and quantum regimes. One such... Continue Reading

Tai, Yu-Chong

I work on miniature biomedical and MEMS devices including drug pumps, intraocular lens, retinal implants, cortical implants, spinal cord implants, circulating tumor cell (CTC) analysis, blood analysis on-a-chip, and so on. The research often involves... Continue Reading