Engineering - Civil or Mechanical


Christina Harvey

Birds appear to effortlessly perform maneuvers that are outside the capabilities of our most advanced aircraft. If we could integrate avian maneuverability into UAVs, we could open the door for a new era of flight:... Continue Reading

Tian Li

Wood stores, rather than emit, carbon dioxide. Combining its many economic and environmental benefits, wood provides a unique framework of sustainable materials. Wood is composed of numerous aligned cellulose fibers with hierarchical structure ranging from... Continue Reading

Elliot Hawkes

Minimally-invasive access to the inside of the human body remains a fundamental challenge in medicine, one that is critical in both diagnosis of disease and delivery of therapy. Access and navigation are rendered difficult by... Continue Reading

Keplinger, Christoph M.

The biological world and the engineered world differ in terms of mechanics: human-made machines mostly rely on hard materials, such as metals, while nature makes extensive use of soft materials, with extreme examples like octopus... Continue Reading

Marusic, Ivan

My research is in the area of fluid mechanics. I primarily work in experimental and theoretical studies of turbulence at high Reynolds numbers. This includes studies in atmospheric surface layer flows and aquatic ecosystems.

Bray, Jonathan D.

I perform research in the fields of geotechnical and earthquake engineering. My research is focused on understanding, modeling, evaluating, and mitigating geo-hazards, such as earthquake surface fault rupture, soil liquefaction and its effects on structures,... Continue Reading

Bart-Smith, Hilary

I work in the area of bio-inspired engineering. Our group is focused on bio-inspired flexible propulsors for fast, efficient swimming. Inspiration for this work comes from lift-based swimmers, such as batoid rays, tuna, dolphins, and... Continue Reading

Alving, Amy E.

I do experimental fluid mechanics, concentrating on wall-bounded flows (boundary layers) and turbulence.