Marissa Weichman

Aerosols have an outsized influence on climate through their interactions with light and clouds. Solar radiation management (SRM) strategies propose to intentionally inject these tiny nanometer-scale particles into the atmosphere to increase Earth’s albedo and... Continue Reading

Yayuan Liu

Carbon dioxide capture from the point of generation or the ambient environment is broadly recognized to play a key role in climate change mitigation. However, the incumbent methods are energy-intensive and fossil fuel-dependent. My research... Continue Reading

Yang Yang

Biocatalysis holds the potential to revolutionize the sustainable production of biofuels, chemicals, and medicine. However, current biocatalysis research is limited to the engineering of enzyme functions known in biochemistry or organic chemistry. By combining our... Continue Reading

C. Rose Kennedy

Catalysis plays a crucial role in chemical discovery and production to meet societal needs across sectors (biomedical, agricultural, energy, etc.) However, despite the modularity involved in catalytic assembly of simpler building blocks under mild conditions,... Continue Reading

Xiao Wang

Spatiotemporal regulation of the cellular RNAs is crucial for proper protein production and cellular function. However, the intricate subcellular dynamics and regulatory mechanisms of RNA life cycle remain largely obscured due to the limitations of... Continue Reading

Dianne Xiao

For decades, petroleum-derived hydrocarbons have served as the primary energy source and central feedstock for the chemical industry. Today, this petroleum-centered paradigm is no longer sustainable. My research program aims to develop a new generation... Continue Reading

Weixin Tang

Directed evolution has yielded myriad molecules to transform biotechnology and industrial processes. Biomolecule discovery required to fuel therapeutics, however, lies beyond the scope of in vitro and prokaryotic directed evolution, which frequently results in products... Continue Reading

Mark Levin

Organic synthesis has changed the world by empowering chemists to tailor complex molecules to specific purposes. To do so, chemists use an approach wherein a “lead” molecule is optimized for its function through iterative structural... Continue Reading

Robert Gilliard

A new research program involving the rational design, chemical synthesis, reactivity, and use of alkaline earth metal hydrides as molecular vehicles for the chemical storage of hydrogen is proposed. Due to the earth abundance, low-cost,... Continue Reading

Xiongyi Huang

Despite the wide applications of enzymes in pharmaceutical industry, the development of many drug compounds does not benefit from the power of biological synthesis, as their therapeutic value relies on chemical motifs rarely present or... Continue Reading