What We Fund

Local Grantmaking

Over 55 years of local community investment to make our home a strong and vibrant place for all.

Throughout their lifetimes, David and Lucile Packard invested in local community issues, about which they were passionate. They believed that local investments could drive deep impact and bring meaningful change to people’s lives.

Today, we build on the longstanding commitment made by David and Lucile to invest in the community where they started their company and raised their family. The Local Grantmaking Program supports grantees across the five contiguous counties of San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey to create communities where everyone has access to the resources and services they need to be strong, resilient, and have opportunities to explore, grow, and thrive.

By partnering with nonprofit organizations, we are working to achieve our collective vision of a region that is home to strong families, thriving youth, and vibrant communities.

We aim to fund:

  • Creative, environmental, and civic organizations that connect people with art, nature, and their communities, creating a unique sense of place for all.
  • Organizations like food banks and housing providers that provide families with resources they need to be strong and economically resilient.
  • Organizations that provide equitable access to high-impact and culturally-relevant afterschool programming to help youth find their purpose, passion, and pathway to a thriving future.


  • Investing locally is critical. Everyone who lives here should benefit from the opportunities and prosperity that make the Bay Area special.

    Irene Wong, Director of Local Grantmaking Program

  • Youth who thrive and realize their full potential are essential to building strong and successful communities.

    Miguel M. Salinas, Local Grantmaking Program Officer

  • Our local region should be a place where all families are able to meet their basic daily needs.

    Ellen Clear, Local Grantmaking Program Officer