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Fellow: Courtney Dressing

Currently, the Earth is the only planet known to harbor life. My group will advance the search for life on other planets and launch the new field of comprehensive planetary habitability by pursuing three key research goals. First, we will identify nearby planets by searching data from the recently launched Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite. Second,… Continue Reading

Fellow: Daniel Scolnic

Our best end-to-end test of cosmology, comparing my team’s measured size of the universe today to the predicted size of the universe today using early-universe measurements and our standard model of cosmology, fails. This failure may be a sign that we are on the brink of the biggest discovery in cosmology in the last twenty… Continue Reading

Fellow: Kirstin Petersen

My research is focused on how to achieve superior performance and long term autonomy in multi-robot systems that address critical societal needs, from automated construction to precision agriculture. The major focus of my lab is on how to leverage the ideas of swarm intelligence and form and function in biology to produce capable, error tolerant,… Continue Reading

Fellow: Alvaro Sanchez

Engineering and manipulating microbial communities is a major aspiration of microbiome biology that remains out of reach because we lack quantitative, predictive laws for community ecology. Indeed, the very existence of such laws has long been questioned. Challenging this perspective, my lab has recently demonstrated that, under any defined conditions, highly reproducible assembly of microbial… Continue Reading

Fellow: Jacob Allgeier

Improving food security is a critical challenge for humanity, requiring solutions that increase the productivity of ecosystems in a sustainable way. I will develop an innovative program to increase fish production in coastal marine ecosystems by harnessing an unlikely fertilizer, fish excretion. My research has shown that fish excretion fuels the high productivity in coral… Continue Reading

Fellow: Aleksandr Logunov

The main topic of my research is nodal geometry. In the beginning of the 19-th century Napoleon Bonaparte set a prize for the best mathematical explanation of Chladni’s resonance experiments. Nodal sets observed in these experiments fascinated scientists for years, but our mathematical understanding of zeros of solutions of elliptic differential equations, such as nodal… Continue Reading

Fellow: Da Yang

Rainstorms are ubiquitous in Earth’s atmosphere, and different types of rainstorms have their own characteristic spatial scales. For example, the typical spatial scale of hurricanes is about 1000 km, neither 100 km nor 10,000 km. What environmental factors determine the spatial scale of different types of rainstorms? How will their spatial scales change in a… Continue Reading

Fellow: Ashleigh Theberge

Parsing out the few key effector molecules from among the tens of thousands of molecules produced and transformed in complex multicellular tissues in the human body is the core challenge of unlocking unknown signaling pathways critical for normal function and disease. Our group approaches this problem by creating novel microscale culture systems to model multicell… Continue Reading

Fellow: Sichen Shao

My research group studies how cells surveil protein biosynthesis to regulate gene expression and maintain a high-quality proteome. We biochemically rebuild cellular quality control pathways to dissect the mechanisms that detect and respond to problems during protein synthesis by ribosomes. We combine these experimental systems with functional and structural approaches to accomplish two goals. First,… Continue Reading

Fellow: Wesley Legant

Microscopy is fundamental to biology, chemistry, and material science. In my prior work, we developed microscopes that can rapidly image specimens ranging from single molecules to whole organisms. The rates at which these, and other modern instruments, acquire data has now vastly outpaced our ability to interpret and act upon this information. This is especially… Continue Reading