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Organizational Assessment of U.S. Marine and Global Seafood Markets Grantees – Equity Practices and Policies

This report is the result of a six-month research effort to understand the ways in which equity, diversity, and inclusion practices manifest among the U.S.-based NGOs of the Packard Foundation’s U.S. Marine and Seafood Markets strategies. We initiated this project to both increase our shared understanding of organizational strengths around equity, as well as highlight growth opportunities for leaders in the ocean conservation field. We hope this report increases knowledge and understanding within and across organizations in ways that support our ongoing equity journeys.  

Key findings include that there is no uniform conceptualization of equity – why equity is important, what equity entails, and how to address equity. The findings are structured around the following topics: grantee capacity needs, Board of Directors and equity, leadership and equity, HR policies and practices, organizational infrastructure, organizational culture and learning, community engagement and equity, staff professional development, and strategy and equity.  

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