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Insight: Network-Building, Professional Development, and Connection

Supporting the Leaders Who Care for Children in California Our partners at Rockwood Leadership Institute prioritize relationships. Deep connection is a part of their organization’s ethos. Every meeting begins with smiling faces and weekend updates. Rockwood colleagues then ground attendees with breath work or a stretching exercise to create space for everyone to arrive, be… Continue Reading

Resource: Families, Friends, and Neighbors Learning Community Network: Network Mapping, Participation, and Development Research Summary and Recommendations

As part of its investments in early childhood learning and development, the Packard Foundation has been supporting family, friend, and neighbor (FFN) care providers who play an important role in helping young children be healthy, ready for school, and on track to reach their full potential. We do this through a variety of tactics that… Continue Reading

Resource: Scaling Programs for Family, Friend, and Neighbor Caregivers: Learnings from the Packard Foundation’s Informal Care Strategy

Many children spend a substantial amount of their early childhood being cared for by extended family, friends, or neighbors (FFN). This type of informal care is both an affordable and a flexible care option and a way to provide children with a warm, nurturing environment with a trusted caregiver. The Packard Foundation formally launched its… Continue Reading

Resource: Ocean Strategic Framework Evaluation Report

In 2015, data showed overfishing, climate change, and other threats were increasing pressure on the ocean. The Packard Foundation determined our resources could best be leveraged to protect and restore ocean life and identified two areas where we could have significant impact: protecting marine biodiversity and improving the sustainability of seafood – from wild marine... Continue Reading

Person: Laura Balestieri

Laura is the Program Operations Assistant for the Reproductive Health Program, where she provides administrative, logistics, and operations support. Prior to joining the Foundation, Laura worked in a variety of industries, including the biotechnology and transportation sectors. Most recently, she worked for the Walt Disney Company at the Disneyland Resort. Laura holds a B.A. in… Continue Reading

Insight: Our Children Must Thrive for Our Nation to Thrive

While children are the beating heart of our communities, our nation’s youngest are not being kept safe from disease and affliction. Years of progress in reducing the number of uninsured children are being reversed. As we watch the devastating impact of COVID-19 take its toll on our communities and public health system, we are also… Continue Reading

Insight: The (Hopeful) Future of Abortion in the U.S.

I have feared this moment for years: as of today’s confirmation, a majority of Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court are now hostile to abortion access. While I am disheartened that it has come to this point, I am also optimistic, inspired, and determined. My work with the David and Lucile Packard Foundation’s resilient grantee… Continue Reading