T. Kyle Vanderlick

1991 Fellow

Fellowship Institution: University of Pennsylvania

Current Institution: Yale University

Engineering - Chemical or Biological

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About T. Kyle Vanderlick's Work

Research endeavors in my laboratory are motivated by the intriguing properties of surfaces and thin films. Over the years, our group has focused on a broad range of topics spanning from fundamental studies of cold-welding between rough metallic surfaces to the design of novel biological membrane structures for use in in-vitro fertilization. What unites our efforts is the desire to apply the mind-set and principles of chemical engineering to interesting problems associated with interfacial phenomena. One particular problem that has captured our full current attention is the design and fabrication of “μ-dusters” – a novel methodology we have recently developed to non-invasively remove particulate contamination from delicate surfaces such as those found in integrated circuits, medical implants, and precious works of art.