Shu-ou Shan

2007 Fellow

Current Institution: California Institute of Technology


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About Shu-ou Shan's Work

The core interest of the Shan lab is to understand how biological fidelity and organization arise within the cell. Take, for example, the first few moments in a protein’s life. As a new protein emerges from the ribosome synthesizing it, numerous factors vie at the ribosome exit site to influence its folding, assembly, localization, processing, and quality control. Within seconds, nascent proteins must engage the correct factors and commit to the proper biogenesis pathway. These early decisions are critical in preventing the onset of numerous diseases rooted in defective protein homeostasis. By studying diverse protein biogenesis pathways, we aim to understand how accurate decision-making is achieved at the crowded ribosome exit site through the interaction, activity, dynamics, and coordination of protein biogenesis machineries. These lessons provide insight into general molecular principles by which accuracy is generated from noisy molecular signals in the complex cellular environment.

Awards and Achievements

Beckman Young Investigator Award

Woman in Cell Biology Junior Award

American Society of Cell Biology

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award

Irving Sigal Young Investigator Award

The Protein Society

Nobel Laureate Signature Award for Graduate Education

American Chemical Society

Young Investigator Award

American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology