Advisory Panel Member

Stephen R. Quake

1999 Fellow

Fellowship Institution: California Institute of Technology

Current Institution: Stanford University


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About Stephen R. Quake's Work

My research is at the nexus of biology, physics and technology development. My group has invented many measurement tools for biology, including new DNA sequencing technologies that have enabled rapid analysis of the human genome and microfluidic automation that allows scientists to efficiently isolate individual cells and decipher their genetic code. Our lab is also well known for our work inventing new diagnostic tools, including the first non-invasive prenatal test for Down syndrome and other aneuploidies. The test is rapidly replacing risky invasive approaches such as amniocentesis, and millions of women each year now benefit from this approach. Our group’s innovations have helped to radically accelerate the pace of biology and have made medicine safer by replacing invasive biopsies with simple blood tests.

Awards and Achievements

National Academy of Science

National Academy of Engineering

National Academy of Medicine