Marc Pollefeys

2005 Fellow

Fellowship Institution: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Current Institution: ETH Zürich

Computer/Information Sciences

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About Marc Pollefeys's Work

I work in 3D computer vision, having been the first to develop a software pipeline to automatically turn photographs into 3D models, but also work on robotics, graphics and machine learning problems. Other noteworthy projects I have worked on with collaborators are real-time 3D scanning with mobile devices, a real-time pipeline for 3D reconstruction of cities from vehicle mounted-cameras, camera-based self-driving cars and the first fully autonomous vision-based drone. Most recently, my academic research has focused on combining 3D reconstruction with semantic scene understanding.

Awards and Achievements

Marr prize (1998)

CAREER award (2003)

Starting Grant (2008)

IEEE Fellow (2012)

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