Teri W. Odom

2003 Fellow

Current Institution: Northwestern University

Materials Science, Nanotechnology

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About Teri W. Odom's Work

The Odom group focuses on controlling materials at the 100-nanometer scale and investigating their size and shape-dependent properties. Our development of multi-scale patterning tools to generate hierarchical, anisotropic, and 3D hard and soft materials has produced advances in lasing, imaging, wetting, and cancer therapeutics.

Awards and Achievements

Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2014)

Executive Editor, ACS Photonics (2013)

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Fellowship (Harvard University) (2011)

Defense Science Study Group (DSSG) Member (2010-2011)

Chair of inaugural Noble Metal Nanoparticles GRC (2010)

Materials Research Society Outstanding Young Investigator Award (2009)

National Fresenius Award (Phi Lambda Upsilon and ACS) (2008)

NIH Director's Pioneer Award (2008)

Cottrell Scholar Award (Research Corporation) (2005)

Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, 2005 NSF CAREER Award (2004)

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