Hosea M. Nelson

2017 Fellow

Current Institution: University of California, Los Angeles


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About Hosea M. Nelson's Work

The seamless integration of synthetic catalysts into biosynthetic circuits is an inevitable feature of future scientific endeavors. In this proposal Nelson’s lab describes foundational studies aimed at achieving this goal. Specifically, they design synthetic metalloDNAzymes that are regulated by small nucleic acid molecules and that perform abiotic, transition metal-catalyzed transformations. The long-term goal of their work is to employ these catalysts in vivo and in vitro; providing synthetic biologists with an increased toolbox of transformations, chemical biologists with new bioorthogonal reactions, and synthetic chemists with novel approaches to multistep syntheses. In approaching their objectives they operate at the interfaces of multiple disciplines, where they leverage the tools of modern molecular biology, fundamental organometallic chemistry, and contemporary catalysis to establish innovative chemical concepts.