Todd J. Martinez

1999 Fellow

Fellowship Institution: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Current Institution: Stanford University


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About Todd J. Martinez's Work

I am a theoretical chemist developing and applying new methods that predict and explain how atoms move in molecules. These methods are used both to design new molecules and to understand the behavior of those that already exist. My research group studies the response of molecules to light (photochemistry) and external force (mechanochemistry). Photochemistry is a critical part of human vision, single-molecule spectroscopy, harnessing solar energy (either to make fuels or electricity), and even organic synthesis. Mechanochemistry represents a novel scheme to promote unusual reactions and potentially to create self-healing materials that resist degradation. The underlying tools embody the full gamut of quantum mechanical effects governing molecules, from chemical bond breaking/formation to electron/proton transfer and electronic excited states.

Awards and Achievements


Beckman Young Investigator

Sloan Fellow

Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar

APS Fellow

AAAS Fellow

International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

MacArthur Fellow

National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellow