Gregory B. Martin

1995 Fellow

Fellowship Institution: Purdue University

Current Institution: Cornell University

Biological Sciences

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About Gregory B. Martin's Work

Research in my laboratory focuses on the molecular basis of the interaction of tomato with the bacterial pathogen, Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato. This interaction provides a powerful experimental system to address three important questions in plant-pathogen biology: 1) What are the key host components that play a role in the immune response triggered by microbe-associated molecular patterns?; 2) How do plants detect and respond to bacterial virulence proteins that are translocated into the plant cell during the infection process?; and 3) What mechanisms do bacteria use to subvert the plant immune system? To investigate these issues, we use a variety of experimental approaches including genomics, protein biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, gene expression profiling (RNA-Seq), bioinformatics, and structural biology. Our long-term goal is to use the knowledge gained about plant-pathogen interactions to develop plants with increased resistance to diseases thereby lessening the need for pesticides.

Awards and Achievements

Noel Keen Award for Excellence in Molecular Plant Pathology, American Phytopathological Society (2010)

Grand Marnier Foundation Lecturer, Pasteur Institute, Paris (2006)

Boyce Schulze Downey Professor, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research (2005)

Fellow, American Academy of Microbiology (2005)

ellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) (2004)