Alexie S. Leauthaud-Harnett

2017 Fellow

Current Institution: University of California, Santa Cruz

Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology

About Alexie S. Leauthaud-Harnett's Work

Leauthaud-Harnett seeks to understand the connection between galaxies and dark matter. How much dark matter is there in the Universe, and what is its spatial distribution? How do galaxies form from the cosmic web? How do cosmic structures grow with time? To answer these questions, she will use the “gravitational lensing” technique and data from the Hyper Suprime Camera on the Subaru Telescope. This is an impressive state-of-the art instrument that stands 3 meters high, weighs 3 tons, and is the largest camera in the world. Her group plays a leading role in a survey that uses this camera to collect the most accurate data in the world to measure gravitational lensing. The raw statistical power of these data are a tremendous step forward compared to previous efforts and will enable her to constrain the growth of dark matter structures and the connection between galaxies and dark matter. The results of this program have the potential to revolutionize our understanding about the fundamental makeup of the Universe.