Kristy Jean Kroeker

2015 Fellow

Current Institution: University of California, Santa Cruz

Ecology, Evolutionary Biology

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About Kristy Jean Kroeker's Work

I want to know how the rapidly accelerating changes in our environment will alter the fundamental ways that ecosystems work in the future. Are there thresholds beyond which an ecosystem will shift into a novel state? What is it about the environment or the ecosystem that causes a change? In what ways is the new ecosystem fundamentally different? The complexity of the interactions among multiple environmental factors and ecological communities, comprised of numerous tightly linked or coevolved species, requires ambitious, large-scale experimental and statistical approaches capable of elucidating non-linear environmental-ecological linkages. I intend to capitalize on natural environmental gradients to reveal the interactive effects of multiple environmental drivers on complex, functioning ecosystems. The results could transform our understanding of the potential emergent effects of impending environmental changes, with critical implications for society.