Richard B. Kaner

1989 Fellow

Current Institution: University of California, Los Angeles


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About Richard B. Kaner's Work

My research group focuses on three main areas of materials chemistry: 1) The development of conducting polymer nanofibers with applications in sensors, flash welding, actuators and membrane separations; 2) New synthetic routes to carbon-based materials focusing on energy storage including supercapacitors; and 3) Solid-state routes to refractory materials with an emphasis on superhard metal borides.

Awards and Achievements

Thomson-Reuters Most Highly Cited Author (2014)

American Chemical Society Award in the Chemistry of Materials (2012)

Recognition from Nature Nanotechnology for Most Highly Cited Paper (2012)

Materials Research Society Fellow (2011)

Adjunct Professor, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia (2010)

Richard Tolman Medal for “Outstanding Contributions to Chemistry in So. CA” (2009)

J. William Fulbright Senior Scholar (2004-05)

Gold Shield Faculty Prize for Academic Excellence (UCLA) (2002-04)

American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow (2000)

Buck-Whitney Research Award (Eastern NY Section, American Chemical Society) (1997)

John Simon Guggenheim Fellow (1996-97)

Defense Science Study Group Fellow (1994-95)

Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow (1993-97)

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award (1991-95)

American Chemical Society: Buck-Whitney Research Award

Tolman Medal, and Award in the Chemistry of Materials

Royal Society of Chemistry Centenary Prize

Elsevier Scopus Most Cited Researcher in Materials Science and Engineering

Thomson-Reuters Most Highly Cited Author in Chemistry and in Materials Science

Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Chemical Society, the Materials Research Society, and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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