Kelsey Johnson

2007 Fellow

Current Institution: University of Virginia

Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology

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About Kelsey Johnson's Work

The research in my group is focused on determining what factors influence star formation. With recent advances in observational technology, it is now possible to characterize the physical conditions associated with modes of star formation throughout the nearby universe. We are working to understand how conditions prevalent in the universe, including interactions and mergers between smalls galaxies, impact the associated modes of star formation. Our research is also probing how the most ancient objects in the known universe, globular clusters, were formed, and how “star formation efficiency” (the fraction of raw material that is turned into stars) impacts the creation of these clusters. Ultimately, we hope to add a to our understanding of one of the most important physical processes shaping the visible universe.

Awards and Achievements

CAREER award

Kavli Fellow

ACC Distinguished Lecturer

NSF Distinguished Lecturer